Band talks about the new single
Posted on 03/11/2018 @ 8:15 pm |

Named ‘The Dark Passenger’, is the new single from the Brazilian band SAVE OUR SOLUS, which will serve as a preview for the band’s new album.

The material was recorded at Monostereo studio with production by the renowned musician/producer Renato Osorio (Hibria). The single is in the stage of mixing and mastering, the band gives more details:

“The single’s recordings are now complete! We are currently waiting for the mixing and mastering process. What I can say about ‘The Dark Passenger’ is that this song shows a technical evolution of the band, but without losing its identity. It is quite intense and goes through different climates in accordance with the lyric, as is already our characteristic.

“In short, I see it as a mixture of Heavy and Prog with the drama of the Symphonic and a super catchy chorus! I believe it will please many tastes and also bring a freshness to the symphonic metal that is known today, especially for bringing that progressive essence that in this single is even more evident than in previous works.”

‘The Dark Passenger’, as well as the forthcoming new album, will be released by Roman Roads Records and a date will be announced soon.



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