In active since 2009, Save Our ​​Souls, formed in Port Alegreno Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, has stood out for the quality of his compositions, an own unique style, coming from different aspects, self-titled as Gothic Metal Prog.

Formed by Melissa Ironn (vocals / keyboards), Marlon Lago (guitar / backing vocals), Andress Fontanella (drums) and Jackson Harvelle (bass), Save Our ​​Souls integrates their diverse influences his compositions through guitar riffs and lines low-striking and aggressive style in a more heavy/thrash metal with drums taken very well prepared and irreverent coming of Prog, keyboards with more striking orchestrations inspired by film soundtracks, sometimes more flexible completing everywhere as instrumental composition asks, and female vocals ranging from the lyrical, the belting and even some rare guttural, all constituting a unique atmosphere, with songs that bring the whole personality of the band.

His first studio album, independently released yet, was the EP “Find The Way”, a material containing only four songs Simplified own, officially launched on April 10, 2010 at gig opening for the band Kamelot.
In January 2015 , the band released the single “Soul Domination” for free download and audition, showing a preview of the album “The Otherside ” , which is currently being finalized and will be released through the Shinigami Records, coming soon.


  • 2009 – Opening act for Paul Di’anno;
  • 2010 – Opening act for Kamelot/release of the “Find The Way” EP;
  • 2011 – Opening act for Hangar, Soulspell Metal Opera and Tierramystica;
  • 2012 – Opening act for Nightwish
  • January 2015 – “Soul Domination” single released

Melissa Ironn

Born on January 27, 1990, in Sao Sebastiao do Cai, Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, a child started playing keyboards at 5 years of age.

Later still ventured with other instruments such as the guitar, then the guitar and singing, but never had music lessons for any of these.

The Save Our Souls was his first band and was also what drove his first compositions.



Marlon Lago

Born on December 5, 1990, in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, began his journey in music at age 15, with a few guitar lessons, passing spontaneously to guitar shortly after.

But only later took lessons in vocal technique and guitar – the latter including renowned teachers such as Eduardo Martinez (Hangar).

The Save Our Souls was his first band. Influences: Black Sabbath, Pantera, Black Labell Society, Metallica, among others.



Andrêss Fontanella

Born March 9, 1991, in San Angelo, Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, from a young age was already a fan of great drummers like Mike Portnoy, Chad Smith, John Bonham and Ian Paice having these today as major influences. He began his studies taking drum lessons at age 13, stopping and returning to 16 years now as a student of Francis Cassol (Scelerata).

The Save Our Souls was his first band. Influences: Dream Theater, Lamb of God, Devin Townsend, Ayeron; Frank Zappa; Adrenaline Mob, Pink Floyd; MESHUGAH.



Jackson Harvelle

Born on November 24, 1990, in Sao Sebastiao do Cai, Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, Harvelle Jackson began his musical activities as early as 7 years in Coral Unisinos (where he sang for 11 years), also began studying piano and violin, the latter on a Rope Project bells in UNISINOS, but the passion came from the grave forever.

With 7 years he pretended to start playing cello, but by physical demands was not possible (fingers had very short) then 9-year-old was named by the course coordinator approving your application for admission to the course of violoncello, where he studied for 6 years with various teachers of classical music, was cellist in the orchestra of the OSPA Cellos, attended several extension courses with professors from France, Bulgaria and Turkey.

At age 14 dropped classical music where he spent two years studying without any instrument at age 16 began playing electric bass since identified himself with the very serious from the beginning of his musical life, having mainly influences as Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) and Marco Hietala (Nightwish), had its first so-called Illuminatta after had several projects, but none really materialized. In 2012 then came the invitation to join to Save our Souls, “no test, it was as if we had known each other a long time” – Melissa Iron in some interview (‘m always happy when I read this comment, because it was the same as I thought of the day).

Currently Jackson’s main influences the bassist of Dream Theater (John Myung), Steve Harris (Iron Maiden), Geddy Lee (Rush).