Check out the new music video; now with subtitles!
Posted on 03/11/2018 @ 8:20 pm |

In addition to investing in even more complex and mature music, SAVE OUR SOULS also treated the lyrics of ‘The Dark Passenger’ very carefully. Now, in response to requests, the band released the video subtitles so that everyone can follow.

To watch the video, visit one of the links:


The clip was produced by Roman Roads Artist Enabler, directed/edited by Luiz Argimon, directed by Celso Zanini, colorized by QG Filmz, made by Analú Santos and recorded at the studio of the RR44 Artistic Complex and Nilton Filho Theater .

Already the song was recorded at studios Monostereo and Dry House with production by the renowned musician/producer Renato Osorio and mixing by Benhur Lima. Mastering was done by Absolute Master. The art of the single was in the hands of João Duarte.


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