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Postado em/Posted on janeiro 15th, 2015 @ 7:28 | 277 views

Nothing less than the Peavey which brought to SOS whole weight, versatility and excellence that this is one of the biggest brands in the world in terms of sound equipment!
Bands like Asking Alexandria, Dimmu Borgir, Trivium, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Apocalyptica, Dragonforce,
Testament and Protest the Hero riding a powerful Cast sponsored by the brand!
Soon will post videos of the new equipment from SOS!
You can witness the power of Amplifiers Peavey also the coming album “Soul Domination” due for release in the second half of this year! Stay tuned!


We thank the entire team at Peavey for this great opportunity to belong to the cast of the bands sponsored by the brand!


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We announce that our drummer Andress Fontanella is now part of the cast of drummers Sponsored by Aquarian Drumheads.
The brand is now coming in the market and brings with big names like World Drums Chris Adler (Lamb Of God),
Tommy Clufetos (Rob Zombie), James Kottak (Scorpions),
Rikki Rockett (Poison), Travis Smith (Trivium) derico Watson (Victor Wooten) among other names.
We are delighted to bring this news! We wish much success to our drummer Andress soon will
launch videos on your Facebook page ( )
showing some of their work and presenting your kit Skins.



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Check out the interview written by our friend and supporter Rafael Pereira Lescano, editor on the page “Blog dos Feras”

The Save our Souls is in the final stages of recording her first album , the work is called ” Soul Domination ” and is being recorded at Studio UFO in Capão  da Canoa – RS – Brazil.


The Blog dos Feras chatted with vocalist Melissa Ironn to get news updates on this highly anticipated album.

How is the process of recording the album ” Soul Domination ” ?

We consider that we are already halfway through the recording process. Due to the availability schedules of the band to move to Studio UFO that is in Capão da Canoa , all of whom live in the greater Porto Alegre , we are already eight months of recording between pre – production and recording . But now in February we will complete the recordings and in fact there will be two more months for mixing and mastering . We are currently completing guitars and keyboards to then start recording the vocals , all this month , so it is quite hectic.

On what date will be released this work ?

As said in the previous question , the recording process is run just fine , so why should there is much that involves the release of an album . We are working hard on the same production , building a solid and complete material, not only with regard to the music itself , but also includes photo shoots and all the artwork on the CD that is still in development , and other types of material publicity and merchandising , among other more bureaucratic issues that take more time . At the last meeting we had on the CD release set a schedule that involves lots of cool things in the future will be presented to the general public , but for now we can not reveal ( laughs ) … But all this requires time and investment ! And the main thing is the way we will release this work because we are in search of seal, distributor and the like. In summary , with so much to do and as planned , we will launch Soul Domination in October 2014 . We think that if we want to get something really good for our fans , we have to extend the term of the launch, from the first to the second half of 2014 .


What can be upfront about the compositions that will be in ” Soul Domination ” ?

The Soul Domintaion is not a concept album , but matches all compositions and all the themes developed around it , refer to subjective human things , the feelings , thoughts , personality … In general , the songs you will hear on Soul Domination things really speak of the human soul , not to defend it exists or not, and also is not about religious matters , but what we are, the way we act in situations diverse. We speak of hatred , envy , greed , love, hope , into something that is truly comprehensive human beings and how he develops his personality .When we write , we seek to merge the personality of each member and thus create a unique atmosphere that is what sets the Save Our Souls . But the songwriting process conducted in a very natural way, but always thinking that the music itself must match the message we want to convey … Therefore , you can expect a wide variety of riffs , tempos and elements created especially for each song , for each message … The songs are quite varied because we do not believe in a composition formula … do what the music asks ! We got faster and heavier songs and other that are mostly more intense orchestrations , but lose strength . I think we can merge the weight and the more symphonic elements so as not to fall into the sameness we find in many bands with female vocals out there … This is a challenge we accept and always expect this to be realized in Soul Domination .


Certainly this first work of Save our Souls is one of the most anticipated albums this year , how to deal with this ” pressure ” ?

Well , the pressure we suffered is more internal than external , for the hope of a good acceptance by the public is only possible if we are committed to delivering the best possible for the audience as it is for them that we do this , we developed a working for it to be heard by people . This motivation makes us more critical and yes, cause enough anxiety , after all we are the ones who want to hear this work done, believe me ( laughs ) ! It is primarily a question of ourselves we are really happy with our work , we think that this record is for life , will mark us forever ! We think that this is the first step to quality work , critical thinking and maturity ! only then can we expect a good acceptance from peaple. But, are very pleased with the outcome that is gradually appearing and we are very optimistic about the public and the music industry as a whole.


On disclosure , which can be counted ?

There is not much that can be revealed, does not spoil the surprise ! ( laughs) Also , confidentiality is necessary to maintain the integrity of the work because it is valued by the record and that’s what we want to accomplish . We hope to represent our country alongside big names in music to promote worldwide distribution of our work . We are currently developing a large manufacturing process to make this possible and we are already negotiating the release of the CD.


The Blog dos Feras thank the attention , leave a message to fans :

We thank , once again , the space provided by Blog of Beasts ! It is always a pleasure to share our work with you !

And to the fans , we want to thank everyone for their immense affection we have received ! We really feel that we are not alone in this fight because it has many people supporting us and rooting for the success of Save Our Souls ! Our first album already has fans looking forward to the launch and it is very gratifying , means that our first studio , the EP ” Find the Way ” continues to yield fruits even after all this time …We are preparing an album that is truly worthy of all that expectation , which is no small ! ( laughs ) We are working to deliver the best to you !

Again , thanks for listening !



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Check out the gallery we add to the website, with photos of friends, supporters of the band, fan arts, people who bought the EP “Find The Way”!
If you have any pictures with some stuff, band members or even if you have done some homage to the band and want it to be posted here on the site, send to and we would be very happy to promote in our network social! The photo album can also be accessed on the “Mídia”> “Photo”> “Fan Art”.
The affection for you is imperative to the success of our work!

Save our Souls - Fan Art

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Arte desenvolvida pelo Fan Marcos Rocha

Keep Saving Our Souls


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